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Christmas at Wayfarer Inn
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A Medieval Christmas Novella Grace Brewer knows the only way to properly take care of her aging parents is to sell the Wayfarer Inn and purchase a retirement from a nearby abbey. This Christmas might be the last in their home, but thanks to the arrival of a wandering minstrel it might be their most joyous-and profitable-Yule season of all. And while she knows better than to succumb to Alaine's many charms, Grace finds both the man and his music hard to resist. Alaine of Darby has played his lute in castles and palaces, sang for nobles and royalty. A spot of misfortune has interrupted his journey home, landed him at a rundown inn where he'll entertain peasants in a taproom in exchange for his bed and bread. Yet this might be the most important performance of his life, for while Grace seems to ignore his romantic ballads, she might be the one woman to whom he could sing love songs forever.

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